The bus can be current model year less 10 years.

If your bus still has a manufacturers warranty on it the bus qualifies for either 3 or 5 years of additional coverage.

The customer chooses the repair facility. The only requirement is that the repair facility is ASE certified.

Upon customer verification of completed covered claim, Specialty Administration Services pays the repair facility directly, via Visa, Amex, or ACH.

The limits of liability are for the life of the contract. 

The turbo is covered however the VGT actuator is not.

The EGR valve and EGR cooler are listed for coverage under the optional Exhaust Aftertreatment System (EAS).

If the covered component was replaced under the warranty coverage, this will normally have 12mo/100k mile manufacturer warranty. If the coverage is opted for 2 or more years and the component fails again after the 1 year mark past the manufacturer warranty, it will be covered under the contract again.  

Unfortunately not, the bus must return to an authorized repair facility. Customers may do their own oil changes. We just ask that they keep the receipts.

Call our claims department at 888-668-4360 you will always get a human on the phone (No robots).  Once they approve the claim, then repairs can start.  Once repairs are complete you can call and we will pay immediately with a credit card or ACH.

The customer is responsible for any shop supplies, environmental fees, etc.

$475.00  One service is available per 72-hour period. Services Available to You at no cost are: Towing (up $475.00). Five (5) dispatched road services are available per each year of Contract term. If You exceed five (5) dispatched service calls You will be placed on a “Cash Call Basis” meaning Nations Safe Drivers, LLC will still dispatch a service provider to You but You will have to pay the service provider for the service call at the time the service is rendered. Authorized Bus Master dealers are permitted to arrange and facilitate towing assistance services within the Contract guidelines.

This is included in the tow coverage to get the bus back to your facility so that you can get paid. 

National Recognized Labor Times. (Mitchell 1, Motor Guide, etc.)

Yes, technicians can do their own work – fleet and the other facilities.  It is more about just following the claims process(see hot to file a claim) and not having some Danny Dangerous just throwing wrenches.

Yes they are covered if it is a covered component claim and they will  be based on the times given by the book.

Yes, we can allocate the tow money for a roadside tech call.