NEW BUS WARRanty plans

Choose from between 3 and 5 Years of Coverage. 50,000 Miles - 150,000 Miles Plans Available

NEW COVERAGE If the bus has more than 6 months of factory warranty remaining on it, it qualifies for New Bus coverage.  Buses more than one model year old must supply Inspection Form, ECM Fault Code Report.

Please take a moment to review the plan options, optional coverage and covered components below.


Covered Components

Bus Master Warranty Covered Components

All vehicles must be 10 calendar years or less and cannot exceed maximum starting miles. All vehicles must pass inspection requirements to be eligible for coverage. Inspection report and ECM FAULT CODE HISTORY REPORT printouts are required. Pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Vehicles identified as a total loss, rebuilt, flood damaged, salvaged or are non US specification will not be covered. All plans have a $250.00 per occurrence deductible.

This is not a Contract or Vehicle Service Contract. Certain limitations apply. Refer to the actual Vehicle Service Contract for specifc coverage detail, exclusions and limitations. Information provided is subject to change without notice. Bus Master Warranty is not responsible for any errors or typos. This document is property of Bus Master Warranty. This material is highly confdential and private. It should not be shared, reproduced, disseminated or distributed in any manner whatsoever. 10

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